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bksb for Employers


  • Support apprentices throughout their programme

  • Upskill employees with assessments and resources

  • Use as a selection tool to gauge current English, maths & ICT ability

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How is bksb used by Employers?

bksb products are a popular choice for SMEs and large corporate employers across the UK. Our assessments and resources are used to support employees in continuing their professional development (CPD), support apprentices throughout their programme, and inform recruitment and selection.

Many employers hold a bksb licence in order to help apprentices within their business excel in the Functional Skills element of their apprenticeship. bksbLIVE offers numerous assessments and resources to help spot existing skills gaps and then improve the skills that need the most work.

How can bksb help your organisation?

The bksb Initial Assessment is very useful during times of recruitment and can be used as a selection tool. It gauges a candidate’s competency in English, maths and ICT, giving the employer a detailed report to review.

Our products can also be used to up-skill a company’s workforce. Should staff be required to possess certain English, maths or ICT skills to competently perform their duties, the bksb products can help. By spotting areas of strength and weakness and then providing resources to improve an employee’s skills set, the bksb products can have a real, positive effect in the workplace.

Apprenticeship Recruitment

As if it our eLearning provision for apprentices and employers wasn’t fantastic enough, we also have the solution when it comes to recruiting and applying for apprenticeships!

AIMS is an online apprenticeship recruitment solution for managing all your vacancies, applicants and data. Simple to use, highly effective and affordable, AIMS could revolutionise the way you work.

Developed by the creators of the UK’s number one support solution for Functional Skills, AIMS builds upon many of the outstanding features of our eLearning platform, bksbLIVE 2, and uses them to facilitate an efficient online application process and analytics system.