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bksbLIVE 2

bksbLIVE 2, our outstanding online learning platform, provides easy and instant access to the complete suite of bksb products. Learners can access their own online portal anywhere, and at any time, provided they have an internet connection, while staff have intuitive tracking, reporting and analysis software at their disposal to help them to manage learners effectively, as well as to provide evidence for inspection and funding purposes. bksbLIVE 2 supports your organisation to deliver outstanding literacy, numeracy and ICT provision, whether you’re based in a classroom or delivering on-site training. All new bksb customers will automatically gain access to bksbLIVE 2.

NEW Design / Interface

bksbLIVE 2 is an easy-to-use platform which should seem familiar  to learners as inspiration during the design and build of the system was taken from popular social media sites. The simplicity of the system means that learners will know exactly what to do next whilst they’re guided through the assessment and development process. The design also lends itself to touchscreen technology, making bksb even more accessible than ever before on tablets and mobile devices.


bksbLIVE 2 includes our most powerful and detailed analytics package yet. Our upgraded tracking and reports provide insightful data to tutors and managers, which can then be used to inform lesson plans and assist with learner management. Staff can investigate distance travelled and evidence learner progression easily and extremely effectively – which is invaluable for inspections and when applying for funding. All online activities are recorded and displayed clearly in report format, so that you can track those performing well and those underachieving with ease, and intervene where necessary.

Mobile Site

We’ve further developed our offering for tablets and mobiles by creating a completely responsive version of bksbLIVE. You’ll be able to access our sites on the go, without compromise, regardless of screen size, operating system or device.

Video Tutorials

We’re introducing brand new interactive content to bksbLIVE 2 and our video tutorials will be at the forefront of this. Our tutorials aim to significantly increase learner engagement and will explain resources to learners in a more interesting way so that they can use them to their full potential, maximising results and the learning experience.

Brand New ePortfolio

bksbLIVE 2 has been built with the need for flexibility in mind. Within our new system learners will be able to upload free writing and other pieces of work to a brand new task-based ePortfolio. You’ll then be able to provide feedback with ease, mark tasks as complete or request a retake.


You can really make bksbLIVE 2 your own with our new personalisation features. To help users know that they’re in the right place, you’ll be able to brand your login page as you like with logos, colours and photos, giving the system a more personal feel.


Increase the quality and regularity of communication with learners by making the most of your eLearning platform. With bksbLIVE 2, it is easy to get your message across. You’ll be able to offer instant feedback via our comments feature, send messages to individuals or groups, and view notifications on your user dashboard.