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Revolutionise your apprenticeship recruitment process with AIMS

AIMS is an online apprenticeship recruitment solution for managing all your vacancies, applicants and data. Simple to use, highly effective and affordable, AIMS could revolutionise the way you work.

Developed by the creators of the UK’s number one support solution for Functional Skills, AIMS builds upon many of the outstanding features of our eLearning platform, bksbLIVE 2, and uses them to facilitate an efficient online application process and analytics system.

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The benefits of using AIMS

Much less paperwork, and screening made easy

CVs and profile data are stored on the cloud instead of in folders and cabinets. There’s no need to sift through paper to compare applicants, all the data you need is summarised in a table for quick, easy screening.

Automatic Marketing

Save yourself from entering the same data over and over again by using the API. You can upload a new vacancy and it will be automatically advertised everywhere the API is linked.

Online Aptitude Tests

Candidates don’t need to come to your organisation to take aptitude tests. There are 13 sector-specific aptitude tests candidates can take online on AIMS.

CV Creator

Recruiters can often find the perfect candidate but have no CV so they cannot be put forward. This never happens in AIMS as the CV is created during registration. Recruiters will never be short a CV again.

Advanced Candidate Search

Reorder your priorities to search the database for the perfect candidate based on GCSE results, aptitude results or even distance to the vacancy.


From viewing your recruiter conversion percentages to finding your most effecting marketing partner, it is all here in the reporting section.

Automated Email

For acceptance and rejection at each stage.

Data Storage

Data is stored centrally and securely.


Brand your AIMS site with your own organisation’s logo and colour.

Continual Access

Access anywhere at anytime on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Success and Retention

Can have a positive impact on success and retention of Apprentices.

AIMS Product Video