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About Learning Styles Assessment

The bksb Learning Styles Assessment is a quick and concise, self-marking assessment that identifies the ways in which individuals or groups of learners prefer to learn. This assessment enables learners to access resources that suit the style in which they learn (Visual, Auditory, and Kinaesthetic).

Fully interactive and self-marking

The bksb Learning Styles Assessment is fully interactive and self-marking.

Incorporates Learning Style theory into the assessment

Our assessment uses VAK theory (Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic) to assess the ways in which people prefer to learn.

Profiles individuals and groups

The bksb Learning Styles Assessment enables learners to be assigned a preferred learning style. Tutors can profile individuals or groups of learners, which enables them to style their teaching in the classroom accordingly to meet the needs of their learners.

Tutor support materials provided

If you purchase the Learning Styles Assessment you will also be supplied with a paper version and tutor support materials to assist with lesson planning based on preferred learning styles results.

Outstanding technical support

As the bksb Learning Styles Assessment is fully hosted, we save you all the usual hassle of installation, set-up and maintenance. In addition, all bksb customers receive full technical supportby phone, email and web at no extra cost.

Want to know more?

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