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IELTS Assessments and Resources for Maths and English

Our eLearning solution for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) covers each examined element of the curriculum – readingwritingspeaking, and listening. The assessments and resources we’ve created are designed for five levels of ability, and learners can work through each level from ‘Beginner’ to ‘Advanced’.

As an organisation, you are able to choose one of two pathways. Our content for the IELTS General Training specifications is suitable for individuals who are training/studying at below degree level, emigrating to an English speaking country, or looking to undertake work-related training in an English speaking country. Our content for the IELTS Academic pathway supports undergraduate/postgraduate students and professionals to become competent in all elements of the English language.


Set in either an academic or general training context, the reading element of our solution includes a number or texts and accompanying questions. There are three sections of our practice tests to work through, covering levels ‘Intermediate’ to ‘Advanced’.


The general training writing element of our solution is based on the IELTS General Writing test, and includes complete practice tests: two writing tasks, an essay and a letter, which have time limits and word counts that must be abided by. The Academic element follows the same structure, but contains content based on the IELTS Academic Writing test. Charts, graphs and processes account for the first writing task, whilst part two is essay-based.

For both pathways, learners can compare their answers to model answers and self-assessment checklists, and work through levels ‘Intermediate’ to ‘Advanced’. They’re also given access to additional resources and activities which contain writing tips, as well as key terms, vocabulary and other useful information.


Our complete practice tests for speaking are based on parts one, two and three of the IELTS Speaking Tests, and allow learners to work on particular words, phrases and sentences in preparation for their formal examination. Learners first listen to words and phrases, and can then record themselves repeating and practising them. Following on from this, with the support of our learning tool the newly learned words and phrases are used to form longer sentences which can again be recorded. Finally, learners can practise answers based on the same topics by listening to exemplar answers and using a self-assessment checklist to inform them whether they’re ready to move onto the next level – tests and resources are available at all five levels. This element of the solution is suitable for both the academic and general training pathway.


The listening element of our solution asks learners to listen to audio clips then answer questions based on the content, similar to their formal examinations. There are four parts to these practice tests that cover all five levels. This element of the solution is also suitable for both the academic and general training pathway.

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