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GCSE Combined Science – Physics

The bksb GCSE Physics solution has been specifically designed to support students in improving their skills and knowledge in line with the GCSE Combined Science syllabus for 2018. This product includes original video learning content, interactive tasks, and summative assessment questions, and covers both lower and higher tier material.

Although our GCSE Physics solution is geared towards individual learning and revision, it is equally suited to classroom and flipped learning environments. As with all bksb products, learners can use our Physics content on any device – desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices are all supported.

  • Meets Ofqual specifications and covers major exam board syllabi

  • Clear topic objectives and summaries

  • Summative assessment questions

  • Differentiated to cover higher tier material

  • Meets the GCSE Combined Science syllabus specifications (9-1) for Physics first examination in 2018

  • Clear illustrations and animations and attractive visual format

  • Compatible with tablets and mobile devices


The following video is an example of the type of content available as part of the bksb GCSE Physics solution. The clip forms part of one of our 20+ videos for GCSE Physics.

Later this year, content for GCSE Biology and Chemistry will become available, and more information will be published on our website.