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About Dyslexia Quick Check

The bksb Dyslexia Quick Check is a two-part, interactive, dyslexia self-assessment and screener. The self-assessment covers a series of ‘yes/no’ based questions, while the screener is a more detailed assessment, which helps to identify whether a learner needs to see a dyslexia specialist.

Our Dyslexia Quick Check helps to identify those learners who might benefit from a comprehensive dyslexia assessment administered by a qualified dyslexia specialist. At the same time, it screens out those who have learning problems, thus saving time and expense.

The results page of the Screener includes information such as the time taken to complete each question; the topic and type of question; the learner’s score; and the maximum score available. The term ‘dyslexia’ does not appear anywhere on either the Self-Assessment or the Screener. The results of the Screener and the Self-Assessment can be interpreted using our Quick Checks User Guide to indicate if a learner may have issues relating to dyslexia, or general literacy problems.

Identifies if a learner needs to see a dyslexia specialist

The self-assessment and screener inform tutors and learners if they need to see a dyslexia specialist.

Differentiates between dyslexia and other learning problems

The bksb Dyslexia Quick Check differentiates between those who have dyslexia and those who have general learning problems, thus saving time and expense for learners and their tutors.

Terminology used in the assessments is fair to all learners

Our bksb Dyslexia Quick Check is written and designed to ensure that the term ‘dyslexia’ is not seen by the learner on either the self-assessment or the screener.

Outstanding technical support

As the bksb Dyslexia Quick Check is fully hosted, we save you all the usual hassle of installation, set-up and maintenance. In addition, all bksb customers receive full technical support by phone, email and web at no extra cost.

Want to know more?

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