Community Learning Service

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Project Description

Client Name: Community Learning Service

The Community Learning Service (CLS), which is part of Portsmouth City Council’s Employment, Learning & Skills service, aims to provide high quality learning experiences for adults living in and working in and around Portsmouth.

CLS has used the full Focus Functional Skills solution: Initial Assessment, Diagnostic Assessment, Learning Resources, Skill Checks and Revision Scenarios for nearly four years.

Sue Parkes, a Community Learning Tutor, said that her organisation chose to use bksb because it is “visually attractive”, “easy to use”, and “intuitive”.

“We can access learner records for all relevant courses undertaken and track learners’ progression.”

“The grouping element is an advantage as all learners can be emailed with reminders/homework details.”

“We use bksb for flipped learning. Learners use the interactive Learning Resources and take subsequent Skill Checks for their homework. This is recorded and then monitored via the bksb tracking documents.”

“The bksb team are easy to get hold of if we have any problems/queries.”