bksb Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Project Description

Client Name: Various

Every year, we ask our clients to provide us with feedback on our products and the services we provide. In 2015, over 200 practitioners completed our survey and a number of respondents chose to leave additional comments for us to review and publish, some of which can be seen below.

If you would like any further information about bksb, or the way in which our products are used please do get in touch.

Learner Engagement

“bksb has had a positive effect on learner engagement, particularly with the Initial Assessment and Diagnostic processes.”

“We have been very pleased with learners’ level of engagement with the bksb resources and note a profound improvement in skills for some learners for whom traditional classroom learning was not working.”


“bksb is more streamlined and fits in well with enforced budget cuts and austerity measures.”

“bksb is an essential tool, without which we cannot draw down funding.  The system itself is very user friendly which makes life easier.”


“Support, particularly technical, has been excellent ever since we started using bksb.”

“bksb is a great resource and the technical support is second to none.”


“Our college has been using bksb for a few years now. In the recent OFSTED inspection, Initial Assessment was seen as a great strength.”

“The success of bksb has meant that we can now consider it part of our customer’s journey as a mandatory measure.”

“The bksb Initial Assessment, Diagnostic and resources have made an excellent impact on our Functional Skills delivery, making it easier to support and track students.”

“bksb has allowed students to learn in and out of the college/work environment, increasing knowledge and actively using skills to develop at work, in everyday circumstances. Success rates have increased too.”

“bksb provides another avenue to improve the learner experience, develop their skills, and by virtue of this, improve college retention and success rates.”

“bksb has facilitated the migration from Functional Skills to GCSE for the majority of our learners very successfully.”

“bksb is Immense. It’s invaluable.”