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At bksb, we write, develop and supply interactive solutions to improve literacy, numeracy and ICT skills. Our products are designed to meet the Australian Core Skills Framework, but are also suitable for any other skills improvement programme.

bksb was established within a UK college and continues to operate from within education. This means that our focus is always on ensuring that the solutions we provide are, first and foremost, educationally excellent. We do not have shareholders or a private owner, so being profit-driven is not our first priority. Outstanding achievement is.

Our products are used by thousands of education providers and millions of learners around the world, and we have been the leading provider of Functional Skills solutions in the UK for more than 20 years.

Since 2008, the Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE (now TAFE Queensland ) has been using the bksb solution to help improve success rates and provide valuable data for audits.

Today, bksb is used by more than 71% of Australia’s TAFEs – as well as hundreds of schools, employers and training providers – and is the fastest-growing LLN assessment provider in the country.

We are also one of only 4 Australian government-approved suppliers of online LLN (for providers to comply with LLN funding requirements). So, if you decide to become a bksb user, you will be in extremely good hands.