About diagnostic Assessments

The bksb Literacy and Numeracy Diagnostic Assessment maps the ACSF standards from Pre Level 1 to Level 5. We also provide assessments to measure literacy and numeracy at Level 3. Once the learner has competed the diagnostic assessment, it provides them with a percentage score and produces an interactive Individual Learning Plan (ILP) which highlights any skills gaps, and directs the learner to the appropriate resources they need to use in order to fill those skills gaps.

Fully interactive and self-marking

The Diagnostic Assessment is fully interactive and self-marking and tracks the ACSF standards from Pre Level 1 to Level 5.

Produces an interactive 'Individual Learning Plan' (ILP)

Once a learner has completed the Diagnostic Assessment, an interactive Individual Learning Plan (ILP) is generated with direct links to Learning Resources that the learner can access in order to improve in the areas where there are skills gaps. The bksb software also allows the results of a learner's Diagnostic Assessment to be printed, which enables easy access to additional learner support from tutors and other sources.

In-depth tracking and reporting

The Diagnostic Assessment provides a valuable tracking and reporting functionality for tutors and managers. This is incredibly powerful in lesson planning, learner management, and for inspection evidence. Download our pdf and find out more about tracking and reporting.

Supports ACSF standards

Our Diagnostic Assessments fully support the ACSF standards.

We're the UK's market leader in Functional Skills solutions and we operate globally

The bksb Diagnostic Assessment is the market leading and longest established solution of its type in the UK. It is used and trusted by thousands of organisations (including the majority of Further Education colleges) and millions of learners across the world every year to support their skills improvement programmes. In Australia, the Metropolitan South Institute of Tafe (MSIT) use our products and distribute them to 100,000 learners.

Outstanding technical support

As the bksb Diagnostic Assessment is fully hosted, we save you all the usual hassle of installation, set-up and maintenance. In addition, all bksb customers receive full technical support by phone, email and web at no extra cost.










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Why choose the bksb Diagnostic Assessment?

  • bksb operates fully interactive and self-marking.
  • You are able to produce an interactive Individual Learning Plan.
  • Enables in-depth tracking and reporting.
  • We support ACSF standards.
  • We're the UK's market leader in Functional Skills Solutions and we operate globally.
  • We provide outstanding techincal support.

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About bksb licencing and pricing

  • bksb solutions are sold on an annual licence basis as standard.
  • We benchmark against competitors to ensure our products are the best value available.
  • There are absolutely no hidden costs with bksb - just a simple, easy-to-understand per learner, per annum price.
  • Tutors, administrators and managers can access bksb at no additional cost.
  • If you would like to find out more about our pricing and licencing, simply get in touch for an informal chat with one of our friendly team.

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