An introduction to bksb around the world

bksb is a global business, and with the importance of literacy and numeracy continuing to grow so is our organisation. Having been established in Australia for almost ten years, bksb now has an office in India, as well as its global headquarters in the UK.

United Kingdom: bksb

Set up over twenty years ago, bksb began life as an in house solution for English and maths at a college in Mansfield, England. Now, bksb is seen as the ‘industry standard’ in the UK, with thousands of schools, training providers, prisons and employers using our online assessments and resources, as well as 84% of colleges.


India: Skills Anytime Powered by bksb

Opened at the beginning of 2015, our office and training centre in Chandigarh, India, is thriving, with the demand for our IELTS and ‘Functional English’ assessments and resources growing by the day. In Asia, our products sit under the brand of Skills Anytime.


bksb Worldwide Offices