Our market-leading solution is changing to provide an even greater user experience. Our brand new eLearning platform bksbLIVE2 is available now and includes upgrades to interface, design, performance and analytics of the system as standard. This page will provide you with information about the improvements we've made and will be updated as more details become available.

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bksbLIVE2 Login Screens - new eLearning platform for GCSE and Functional Skills

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bksbLIVE2 Interface showing English and maths course icons

The new ‘clean’ design of bksbLIVE2 takes inspiration from some of the most popular social media sites around, and so should feel familiar to learners when they first log in. Navigation around the site is simple, and it is always clear what the user needs to do next as they work their way through the bksb process. The design also lends itself to touchscreen technology and incorporates the bksb brand colours.

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title statisticsbksbLIVE2 statistics showing Level 1 English progress.

As data and accountability is becoming more and more important in education, we have decided to improve our reports and statistics so that the data they produce is even more powerful and useful. You’ll be able to delve into individual and group results – as well as online behaviour – more than ever before. Tracking progression and achievement, or lack of it, will be simple, allowing tutor intervention where necessary.

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title mobile site

When launched, bksbLIVE2 will be a completely responsive website which is able to run on virtually all operating systems. This means that it will work perfectly whether you want to access our assessments and resources via tablet, computer, or mobile device.

bksbLIVE2 mobile interface - our new platform will be completely responsive.
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title video tutorials

To help you and your learners get used to our new eLearning platform, we will be releasing a series of Video Tutorials. This interactive content will explain resources in a more interesting way so that learners can engage with our solution to a greater degree, and will allow you, as a tutor, to maximise the teaching and learning impact of bksb.

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title Brand New ePortfolio

Upload and download tasks and supporting evidence to bksb with our new ePortfolio! Each learner will be allocated a limited amount of memory which they can use to upload free-writing tasks or other English, maths and ICT work to the platform. Tutors will be able to upload resources and link them to modules within courses in order to provide further support to learners.

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title personalisation

Our new personalisation feature allows organisations to customise their homepage. By adding your company logo and branding to bksb, learners will know that they are in the right place. 

bksbLIVE2 allows organisations to add their own branding to the platform.page divider
title communication

bksbLIVE2 will include a communication platform so that you can offer feedback to your learners online on a regular basis. Notifications are received by tutors and students alike, and can be viewed on the user dashboard.  As a tutor you can make comments and attach them to a particular piece of work or achievement, and messages can be sent to individuals or groups of students – this function is only enabled for Tutor/Learner communication. 

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